Oyokofe Daniel (Head)


The Security Unit has the responsibility for the protection of personnel, property, premises/structures as well as field offices (Area, Zonal and projects sites/offices) of the Commission. The Unit is headed by a Chief Security Officer (CSO) who works up directly to the Chairman of the Commission.


•    Headquarters Office Premises/Guest House and residential Quarters and Health Clinic

•    Field Offices (Area offices) of the Commission.


•    Rendering general advisory services to the Commission on Security matters.

•    Assisting in the formulation, execution and review of security policies and programmes of the Commission.

•    Ensuring the protection of staff, material and property of the Commission at all time.

•    Collating and submitting weekly security reports to the Chairman of the Commission.

•    Coordinating security activities at Headquarters, Area, Offices by staff of the Unit.

•    Searching Vehicles and suspected visitors or employees.

•    Keeping records of movement of persons and vehicles.

•    Ensuring that necessary security equipment are provided at all levels.

•    Organizing the training of security staff of the Commission.

•    Liaising with Law enforcement Agencies and other relevant Security Agencies as may be directed by the Chairman of the Commission.