Mr Mene. O.E (Head)

The Unit ensures that all internal control mechanism relating to receipts/revenue generated by the Commission as well as expenditures are adequate, efficient and effective at all time.  The Unit is responsible to or reports direct to the Commission.


The Unit is made up of five sections as follows:

(i)    Operations/Financial Accounts Section.

(ii)    Investigation/Special Audit Section.

(iii)    Quality and Compliance/Risk Management Section.

(iv)    Business Intelligence, Research and Archives Section.

(v)    Technical Operations Audit Section.


    Below are the functions/duties of the Unit:-

•    Advise the Commission on the formulation, execution and review of audit guidelines.

•    Ensure that the system for the control of expenditures is adequate and that all payments are properly authorized, correct and charged to the approved heads and sub-heads of budgets of the Commission and made for the purpose for which they are authorized.

•    Ensure that the system for the control of store issues and receipt of stores is adequate and that all issues are properly authorized.

•    Ensure that all procurement's above the value of ten thousand naira (N10,000) are authorized and audit certificates are issued before payments.

•    Ensure that there are adequate means for the verification of all cash and stores held and to carry out periodic checks of cash and store balances

•    Raise audit alarm to prevent fraud or financial irregularities.

•    Raise queries and follow up in order to obtain satisfactory explanations.

•    Secretariat of the Commission’s Audit Committee.

•    Provide a complete and continuous audit of the Accounts and Records of Revenue and Expenditures of the Commission.

•    Ensures compliance with the provisions of prevailing Financial and Accounting guidelines in operation at any point in time in the Commission.