ONOSE O.W. (Head)

The Department has the following responsibilities:

  • Promoting and implementing short, medium and long term investment policies and programmes for small and medium scale enterprises, skill acquisition & Micro credit scheme.
  • Provision of Agro-Allied Services in the DESOPADEC mandate area.


The Department is made up of four Divisions as follows:-

 Business development and micro credit division.

 Agro Allied Services Division.

 Investment and

 Petrochemical division



 Formulating, executing and reviewing of policies and programmes geared towards making the Commission deploy resources for short, medium and long term policies with respect to: small and medium scale enterprises; micro credit scheme; skill acquisition; creation and promotion of industrial activities in the Commission’s mandate areas.

 Attracting investments from within and outside the country to the Commission’s mandate areas through relentless promotional drives.

 Facilitating collaboration between the Commission and technical partners on the prospect of joint venture in Petrochemical industries, modular refineries and alternative sources of energy in the mandate areas.

 Training and retraining of staff on Investment Techniques.

 Regular liaison with State, Federal and foreign Missions/Agencies including the State Ministry of Finance Incorporated and Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission to seek technical assistance and advice on investment and capacity building to expose the staff of the department to best practices in investment promotion and facilitation.

 Continuous training of the Youths in the mandate areas on skill acquisition for self empowerment/employment.



 Granting of Micro Credit loans to Youths and women for self empowerment and employment.

 Exposing business inclined indigenes of the mandate areas to several business plans/ventures developed by the department so as to enable them establish small and medium scale enterprises of their   choice.

 Provision of agro-allied services to the people in the mandate areas in liaison with the State Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources, the State Agriculture Development Programmes (ADP) and other relevant Federal Agriculture Agencies so as to avoid duplication of services.

 Hiring of Plants and Tractors to farmers in the Oil and Gas Producing areas of the State.  

 Liaison with the relevant State Ministry/Agency and keying into the on-going Youth Empowerment and Training in Agriculture (YETA) programme and sponsoring graduates from the Mandate Areas to establish small and medium scale food processing and packaging enterprises.

 Promoting investment in export production of agricultural crops production in which some of  the oil producing communities have absolute comparative production advantage and driving such crop production in the mandate areas to the level of attainment of international recognition