EBIBOH, F. (Head)


• To fulfil the mandate of improving the quality of life of the people in the Oil Producing Areas of the State.

• Human Capital Development through the provision of high quality social services in the Commission’s mandate Area.


The Department consists of five Divisions as follows:-

• Youth and Sports.

• Women Affairs/Physically challenged.

• Education.

• Health and Safety Services and

• Environmental Services.



• Implementing in liaison with relevant Ministries, Departments and Agencies of the State, the mandate of the Commission on improving the quality of life of the people in the Oil Producing Areas of the State.

• Empowering the people through deliberate provision of high quality social service delivery by means of appropriate intervention.

• Organising/training of youths in skill acquisition for self-empowerment/employment in various skill areas.

• Complementing State Government’s efforts in the implementation of youth programmes and activities in the mandate areas.

• Complementing Government’s efforts in establishment of modern Youth Centres and Camps.

• Sponsoring of Youth holiday camps in Oil Producing Areas.

• Involvement with sports development programmes

• Promoting Inter-Schools Sports competitions amongst Primary and Secondary Schools.

• Collaborating with the Ministry of Women Affairs in initiating and implementing programmes on Women development/empowerment. 

• Assisting with the rehabilitation of physically challenged/disabled persons in the Oil Producing Communities.

• Liaison with the State/Local Government (including SUBEB) in all matters of intervention in Education.



• Rehabilitation of identified Primary/Secondary Schools infrastructures in Oil Producing Areas.

• Provision of furniture, teaching and learning materials for some primary/secondary schools in the Oil Producing Areas of the State.

• Provision of Bursary for indigenes of Oil Producing communities in tertiary institutions.

• Award of post-graduate scholarships to deserving indigenes of Oil Producing Areas.

• Promoting education for migrant fishermen, etc, in riverine communities of Oil Producing Areas.

• Providing quality, primary health care services to the Commission’s staff where a sick bay or a staff clinic is available.

• Supervising activities of health care consultants/contractors providing health care to Communities in the mandate areas

• Advising the Commission on the formulation of policies and objectives for medical programmes.

• Ensuring compliance with the Safety regulations of the Commission.

• Assisting in running safety courses for staff of the Commission.

• Ensuring that the all project being executed by the Commission conform with the requirements of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).

• Liaising with the DELSEPA on environmental issues.