ECLARKE O. J. (Head)

The Department is responsible for:

• Providing engineering and technical services to the Commission.

• Coordinating the activities of project consultants, Engineers, Architects and surveyors on all infrastructure and works projects of the commission; and

• Evolving, implementing and maintaining viable marine transportation system within the Commission’s mandate area.


The Department is sub divided as follows:

• Civil/Works Division

• Housing Division

• Electrical Engineering Services Division

• Waterways Division

• Hydrological Services Division

• Quantity Surveying Division

• Mechanical Engineering Service Division



• Advising the Commission in the formulation, execution and review of policies and programmes in Civil, Electrical, Mechanical Engineering as well as Architectural, Geological, Quantity Survey and Surveying Services and other related matters.

• Infrastructural projects conceptualization, execution and the rehabilitation of existing ones in oil producing areas of Delta State by the Commission.  

• Assigning consultants as approved by the Commission, where necessary, to undertake various studies and analysis and design for some major projects with a view to meeting the infrastructure needs of host communities.

• Receiving preliminary design from consultants, making corrections and returning same to consultants to produce final copies.

• Checks appropriateness of designs options, durability of designed structures and adaptability of the chosen option of structures to the environment where it is to be situated/located

• Prepares Bill of quantities (BOQ) and Bill of engineering measurement and evaluation (BEME) for the Commission’s projects.



• Hand over projects sites to Contractors when contracts are awarded.

• Supervise/ Inspect projects from inception to conclusion.  

• Takes over completed projects from contractors

• Carries out unscheduled spot checks at projects sites at critical stages of construction.

• Prepares close out reports. 

• Oversees marine transportation and ensures adherence to minimum safety standards.

• Contracts Administration/ pre payment valuation certification. 

• Coordinates handing over of commissioned projects to the benefiting communities and relevant Government Agencies/Ministries.

• Oversees minor works of the commission’s infrastructures

• Drives the engineering and technical activities of the commission.

• Forwards a list of all completed projects to the Commission