The Department has responsibility for the administration, control and management of the Finance and Accounts of the Commission in accordance with the Federal and State laws on financial matters, the Annual/Supplementary appropriation Laws, the Commission’s financial guidelines as well as the Financial Regulations of the State Public Service.


The Department is made up of two Divisions as follows:-

• Finance Division and

• Accounts Division.


• Ensures that proper, accurate and complete records of all Commission’s financial transactions are maintained.

• Ensures that all monies/funds received by the Commission are properly recorded and accounted for.

• Ensures that all expenditures by the Commission are in accordance with the law and that they are properly authorised.

• Ensures that the Commission receives commensurate value for all expenditures incurred, or liability assumed.

• Ensures that material errors in the financial records are prevented, and that all loop-holes for fraud and other irregularities are blocked.



• Ensures that the Commission’s funds are in proper and safe custody and that loss of funds by any means whatsoever is prevented.

• Ensures best practice in the management of the finances of the commission and that the reporting accounting standards are in accordance with those prevailing in the State/Federal Public Service and

• Ensures that periodic summarized Financial Statements of the Commission’s finances are in agreement with the accounting records and that such summarized financial statements are correct and are submitted to the Commission’s Chairman monthly.

• Ensures that proper and accurate records are kept for all fixed and movable assets of the Commission.

• Ensures efficient Tax Administration in the Commission.