The Commission (DESOPADEC) has continued its drive towards wealth creation through job creation. On the 12th of April, 2016, the MD of the Commission, accompanied by Three Executive Directors, HODs and a number of staff visited two major sites that will serve as Centres for

capacity building through training and employment.


First of was a site built by the Commission for Welding/Fabrication training in Omadino, Warri South LGA. The site has been built but yet to be properly equipped for the purpose. The MD and his team visited to have first hand information of the present state of the site and to ascertain all that will be required as well as determine the number of trainees it can take.

With the MD and his team having adequate information of the state of things, just like as with other sites so far visited; other necessary steps will be taken and it is expected that in no time, our people will become beneficiaries of the investments that will be put into this project and other planned projects.

The MD and his team then turned their attention to the Austkerry Farms as their next point of call. The Austkerry Farms is located in Omadino. It is a well layed out farm, running a piggery, poultry and fishery. The MD was there to assess their capacity with the intent of going into a joint venture with them in the area of capacity building (training) and possible job creation.

The MD expressed satisfaction at the capacity displayed at the farm and it is hoped a workable MOU will be reached with the farm in no time to train youths from the oil bearing Communities.

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